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We value Relationships here.

We don't want to be consumers. We want to be participants. That's why groups are so important to us. We gather in smaller groups outside of Sunday worship gatherings to grow, to be challenged, to be encouraged, and to build friendships. 

We have two opportunities for group discipleship at NCBC: Sunday School and Community Groups. We encourage our people to participate in both rather than choose one or the other.

Sunday School

Sunday school classes meet on Sunday mornings before worship. They help discipleship in two ways at NCBC. First, our classes are intentionally selected to help you understand the Christian faith. We study theology, books of the Bible, and practical topics for discipleship. These classes are accessible to everyone. So no matter how long you have been following Jesus, you will be able to understand and participate.


Second, Sunday School allows you to develop deep relationships. We are with these folks over the long-haul. We want this to be a place where you can build close friendships within our church body as we grow in the Lord together. Currently, we have 4 adult Sunday school groups: two co-ed groups, a ladies group, and a mens group.

Community Groups

Community Groups meet on Sunday evenings at 6pm in peoples' homes. They also help discipleship at NCBC in several different ways. First, these groups focus on building broad community. Community groups usually last somewhere between 6 and 10 weeks and rotate throughout the year. By the end of the year, you will have had the opportunity to attend every group and build relationships with a different set of people every cycle of Community Groups. In a CG, we eat supper every week, spend some time in the Word, and pray together.

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